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Valentine's Day Roses

Roses St-Valentin

Giving roses on Valentine's Day is a habit that has been anchored in us for years. Receiving roses from a love one awakens tenderness, sensuality and passion. Have you ever wondered where this custom came from though?

In ancient times, the rose was the favorite flower of Venus, the Goddess of Love. Then, little by little, the rose entered the literature of the greatest authors and poets of the time, using the flower for many metaphors or to start great romantic literary flights. Over time, roses have become the symbol of true love... and one of our Valentine's Day favorites!

According to popular belief, each color of rose on Valentine's Day has its own meaning. So does the number offered. For more details, to have a little fun (or to help you make your choice!), consult our blog Roses: Meaning & Care published on our website.

Giving roses on Valentine's Day is an emotional gesture that touches the heart of the person who receives them. It's a simple and effective way to express how much you feel for them. It is a delicate and tender attention. It's saying " I love you " in the most beautiful way!

I'm addressing the gentlemen now... having roses delivered to your significant other at work on Valentine's Day is sure to create a "wow" factor! The surprise effect and the smile on the face of the person receiving the bouquet is always beautiful to see!

Although a rose bouquet is a classic, there is still a way to express your originality. At La Boîte à Fleurs, the entire team makes sure to create the perfect bouquet for the occasion!

Now, here are my TRICKS & TIPS when you receive a bouquet of roses on Valentine's Day to ensure its longevity:

  • As soon as you receive your roses, remove the water tubes and place your bouquet in a vase filled with warm water
  • Every 2 days, cut the stems at an angle with pruning shears or a sharp knife and change the water
  • It is best to avoid placing your bouquet in a place that is too hot
  • If the head of the rose falls off before blooming, it is because the water does not reach it. So you need to trim the stem by at least 2 cm and put it in hot water.

And you, will you offer a bouquet of roses on Valentine's Day?

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