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Fête des pères : le meilleur cadeau pour papa

Father's Day : the best gift for dad

I'm sure you will agree that the month of June is all about Father's Day and finding the best gift to make a dad happy. To make your shopping easier, our team has put together a few suggestions for the best surprises to give to your biological dad, your adopted dad, your brother, brother-in-law, grandpa or any man who occupies this precious role!

Les bouquets de pivoines : comment les entretenir pour une beauté durable

Peony bouquets : how to care for them for lasting beauty

Peonies, with their beautiful, delicate and fragrant flowers, are pearls of the floral world. If you are lucky enough to own a bouquet of peonies, it is essential to look after them properly to preserve their beauty and freshness for as long as possible. In this article, we share with you tips and advices on how to care for your bouquets to prolong their life.

Célébrer ses adjointes administratives

Celebrate your administrative assistants (April 22-26)

April 22 to 26 is Administrative Professionals Week, also known as Secretaries' Week. It's time to celebrate these people, the pillars of our companies, who are so important and do such a colossal job every day. Here are a few inspiring ways for you to pay tribute to them during this very special week!

Fête des mères : ces figures dans nos vies

Mother's Day : these figures in our lives

Mother's Day is a day to celebrate our mothers. It's a festive Sunday when we praise the woman who gave us life. Personally, on Mother's Day, I also think of all those exceptional maternal figures who surround me and help make me a better person: sisters, aunts, grandmothers and friends. I'm also thinking of the new moms around me who are celebrating their very first Mother's Day. See how you can pay tribute to them.

Fêtes des mères, fleurs et traditions culturelles

Mother's Day, flowers and cultural traditions

Mother's Day is a universal celebration of maternal love, but each culture brings its own unique touch to this special occasion. Find out in this article how Mother's Day is honored with flowers in places around the world, with cultural traditions that add floral richness to this memorable day!

Célébrer la maternité : des idées de cadeaux pour accompagner maman, papa et bébé

Celebrating motherhood : gift ideas to accompany mother, father and baby

Motherhood is a magical, life-changing time that deserves to be celebrated every step of the way. Whether it is to mark the announcement of the pregnancy, encourage the mum-to-be during pregnancy, support the feverish dad or welcome the newborn, giving gifts filled with sweetness is an exceptional attention. Discover ideas for maternity gifts that will delight mom, dad and baby at every stage of this extraordinary journey.

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