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Territory & rates

Our delivery service is carried out by our own delivery drivers with our own well marked vehicles, which allows us to offer a professional service. The flowers are hand-delivered at the time of your choice , guaranteeing an exceptional quality product and outstanding service!

To find out the exact price for your delivery address, use the cost calculator (in the pink band at the bottom of this page) by entering the postal code of your delivery.


Orders can be sent by Canada Post or any other external carrier. Throughout this site, when it says "Canada Post", it may also refer to any other external carrier. To find out the shipping costs, use the cost calculator (in the pink band at the bottom of this page) by entering the postal code of delivery.

During the online purchase process, before payment, you will be informed of the exact delivery charges. You can also call the store for information at 450-622-0341.

Delivery times


For a next day delivery, the order must be placed before 3pm the day before. The delivery address must be in our area (in external areas, orders are sent via Canada Post. We cannot guarantee a delivery date). The products must be in stock. The order must contain a maximum of 3 items (for an order containing several items, we will contact you to confirm the production time). We must be able to reach the recipient.

An order must be scheduled one day in advance. Otherwise, an express service is available for which fees apply depending on the distance and delays. Call us for details at 450-622-0341.

Concerning the delivery hours, our delivery men need a 4-hour window to manage and plan for unforeseen events, traffic, bad weather and all other deliveries.

During theonline purchase process,you will be able to specify the desireddelivery date and indicate in the "comments" section if you have a preference for the time (e.g. between 12:00 and 16:00 if possible).

Deliveries are usually made between 10am and 5pm. However, deliveries in Montreal and on the South Shore are scheduled from late morning to early afternoon.

Courtesy & professionalism

Delivering flowers is a mission we are honored to carry out for you! A professional, courteous and efficient service awaits you. Our specially adapted vehicles protect the flowers from thermal shock and our delivery personnel handle the packaging with care. The flowers are delivered by hand, guaranteeing a product of exceptional quality!

We are obliged to call before making a delivery, because too often in the past, our deliverers have been met with an unanswered door. Sometimes, the person may be there but not want to be disturbed if they are not expecting anyone, are in the shower or are running an errand. Also, for the sake of quality and professionalism, we cannot leave the bouquet or arrangement at the door to avoid the risk of freezing, heat or theft.

Usually, when our delivery person calls, the person receiving the flowers is very happy with the call and expresses his enthusiasm to receive his flowers. The surprise effect is there!

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