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Holidays at the chalet

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Holidays at the chalet gift box is the perfect gift for a couple or family who will be spending time at a chalet this holiday season.

This gift set contains all the gourmet essentials that will allow you to spend time with family and friends without worrying about planning meals. The products in this set have been exclusively created by our Quebec companies :

  • From Zoë Olive Oil, a tomato sauce made from their extra virgin olive oil and with fresh premium ingredients. It will be delicious on pastas, homemade pizzas or for a stew.
  • From the same company, an infused olive oil that will add spice and flavor to your dishes.
  • Also from this company, a spicy honey made from wild spring flowers from a Northern Quebec producer and mixed with their own spicy sauce.
  • Homemade pastas in the purest Italian tradition from La Shop à Pâtes.
  • From Les Canardises, a ready-to-eat duck cassoulet.
  • Also from this company, a duck terrine.
  • To accompany the terrine, a fig confit from Concept Connivence.
  • A Dijon mustard with maple butter from the renowned company Au pied de Cochon.
  • An oven dip mix from Gourmet du Village. Easy-to-cook and requires few ingredients. Right from the oven, it can be enjoyed with crackers, a baguette or as a cheese fondue.
  • For coffee and tea lovers, biscotti from Biscotti Artisanal. A typical Italian culinary treasure from Quebec.
  • A box of spices from Kanel to enhance the flavor of your meals.
  • From Simon Turcotte Confiturier, a strawberry & Chinese spice cheese jam that makes us discover an exotic and aromatic strawberry that explodes in mouth.
  • A decadent caramel with creamy sugar from Cafiti.
  • For afternoon cravings, popcorn from Gourmaïs.
  • A ready-to-bake cookie mix from Juliette c'est Simple that can be cook in just few minutes.
  • A chocolate sausage from Juliette & Chocolat with puffed rice, dried fruits and nuts that will please both kids and adults.
  • Flavored roasted nuts from Les Minettes.
  • And chocolate-covered almonds for your outdoor escapades.

As you can see, Holidays at the chalet is a dream gift for your chalet getaways this winter. Offer it as a gift for a guaranteed "wow" effect!

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