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Funeral Flowers : Immortals

Choosing flowers for a funeral is never easy. When a bereavement occurs, there are many stages and emotions to overcome. In such circumstances, in the case of the death of a loved one, your florist comes into play to help you decorate this sad event in a way that reflects the deceased. The choice of flowers for a funeral must be part of this last tribute that we wish to pay to him.

When someone close to you is grieving, your florist can help you convey an important message at this time. Funeral flowers are a way to show your support & affection and to soothe the strong feeling of sadness.

Let's start by demystifying the different types of funeral flower arrangements and bouquets.


Anurn arrangement is ordered by the family, when the person is displayed in an urn. Expressing sweetness and refinement, this type of arrangement can either hold the urn or be placed beside it. It is entirely possible to personalize the arrangement according to the personality and tastes of the deceased. Small to medium in size, it enhances the urn and adds finesse and brightness.


A casket cushion is ordered by the family when the person is laid to rest in a casket.

Generally much larger, the casket pillow is often matched to the casket fabric and wood and to the clothing of the deceased (in the case of a half-open casket). At the time of the ceremony, when closed, it adds radiance and glow.


An elevated arrangement is ordered by the family to accompany the casket cushion or urn arrangement that represents the children and grandchildren.

It is also ordered by friends, extended family and businesses.

(also called a basket or funeral arrangement)

Expressing our sympathy to our loved ones in a simple and graceful way, this is a more modern and original or classic and traditional type of arrangement depending on our preference. Filled with elegance, it is a sure value in such circumstances.


In my humble opinion, the choice of flowers and their colors must represent the deceased and is free of "conventions". But the shades of white and green are always appropriate, representing purity, simplicity and refinement.

For information purposes only, however, here is what they say (to be taken lightly):

Chrysanthemums are often used because they represent eternity. The white lily is a symbol of purity. The belief is that this flower allows the deceased to purify himself before entering paradise. The carnation expresses a deep mourning. The rose represents respect and love. And the orchid is perfect in floral arrangements to celebrate and cherish sweet memories of the deceased.

On the color side, white would symbolize purity and rebirth. Red would represent love, while dark pink would represent eternal memory and light pink would represent elegance & grace. It is said that the mauve would represent a great sadness, the pastel colors the tenderness & the friendship and the bright colors would evoke the life.

We believe it... or not!


  • The message that will be written on the card.
  • The time and date of the beginning of the exhibition.
  • The duration of the display and the funeral (if the total time is longer, we will have to think about choosing flowers that require less water and are more resistant).
  • The size of the urn and the table.
  • The color of the urn or coffin.
  • In the case of a casket, is it open or closed?
  • The family's tastes, the colors and flowers chosen for the urn arrangement or casket cushion in order to order an arrangement that will be harmonious as a whole.

Now, here are some ideas for messages (inspirations).

When offering our sympathies:

  • Our deepest sympathies to ______ and to her entire family. The entire team at ______.
  • Our thoughts are with you in this difficult time. Sincere condolences, family _____.
  • Our hearts go out to you.

When we live the mourning:

  • You will always remain in our hearts.
  • With all our love..
  • Each rose has a name, each petal has a memory of you (when, in the arrangement, the number of roses represents the number of grandchildren, for example).

All in all, giving flowers for a funeral is a meaningful gesture and a perfect way to express what is in your heart!

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