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A stress-free reception : our ready-to-serve ideas

Une réception sans stress : nos idées de prêts-à-servir

Planning a party can be a challenge, but that doesn't mean it has to be stressful. At À la Boîte à Fleurs, we have the solution for you : ready-to-serve meal ideas that will allow you to fully enjoy your event without worrying about cooking. In this article, we share our tips for an stress-free reception, featuring our counter of Quebec cheeses, charcuterie and desserts to place on the table. Discover how to simplify your next reception in few steps, without sacrificing style, ambiance and flavors!

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Our Quebec cheese counter

One of the keys to a successful reception is to offer your guests a selection of quality cheeses. At L'Espace Gourmet, our Quebec cheese counter offers you a variety of local delights that will amaze your guests. From creamy cheeses to hard cheeses, including mature cheeses, our selection is a true celebration of the flavors of Quebec. All you have to do is place them in trays, place them in the center of your table and hop! Ready-to-serve without any stress!

Quality charcuterie, a ready-to-serve idea

Accompany your cheeses with a delicious selection of charcuterie. You will find in our counters at L'Espace Gourmet a variety of local choices that will satisfy your most demanding guests. Our on-site team will be able to support you in your choices, always so that you can organize a highly tasty and friendly reception but also without stress.

The essential extras

When planning a stress-free reception with ready-to-serve meal ideas, with your selection of Quebec cheeses and local charcuterie, opt for a variety of tasty and crispy crackers, also available on site. The companies Malterre, La Fabrique Gourmande and Les Minettes offer you crackers with exquisite flavors that go wonderfully with cheeses.

Also, at L'Espace Gourmet you will find terrines, rillettes and confits always coming from our local companies. Added to this are stuffed olives from the very trendy Olive & Olives company and spicy-tasting mustards. Consult the list of our artisans & creators. I have the impression that a full and tempting table is taking shape in your head with our ready-to-serve suggestions for a stress-free reception!

Our frozen ready-to-serve ideas

If you take a look at the tale of our freezers, you will notice that we have added to our ready-to-serve ideas zero stress meals, without any compromise on taste! There you will find decadent dishes from 2 Quebec companies, La Shop à Pâtes (choice of pizza and different pasta dishes) and Gastronomie Concept (with, among other things, osso bucco, scallops, salmon tartare,stuffed chicken breasts, a gratin dauphinois and a salmon Wellington). Are you salivating just as much as us?!

Desserts to place on the table

And what would a reception be without a sweet touch? Our variety of macarons is an ideal option to end the meal in style. Placed on the table at the end of the meal, there is something for everyone. And for your part, no need to worry about cutting the cake or serving it.

Ready-to-serve, a perfect gift idea

Yes, our ready-to-serve ideas are a perfect idea for yourself, to make things easier (and please you at the same time!) for your receptions. That said, they are also a genius idea to offer as a gift to your grandparents! Offer them ready-to-serve so that they too can benefit from this sweet treat for the taste buds without worrying or getting exhausted!


By opting for ready-to-serve meals, you can create a memorable reception without sacrificing your peace of mind. At the boutique, we are proud to offer you an stress-free solution for your events, all in one place. Try our Quebec cheese counter, our quality cold meats & our delicious desserts, and fully enjoy your next reception. More time spent with your guests, less time spent in the kitchen : that is what we call a successful reception!

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