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An atmosphere of flowers, flavors and relaxation for Valentine’s Day

Une ambiance fleurs, saveurs et détente pour la Saint-Valentin

Valentine's Day is the perfect time for lovers to create a romantic ambiance that awakens the senses. At À la Boîte à Fleurs, we have put together a selection of exquisite elements to help you celebrate this special occasion in a memorable way. Dive into our guide to an unforgettable Valentine's Day, combining the captivating scents of flowers, delicious flavors and total relaxation!

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A relaxing atmosphere on Valentine’s Day

Here is what we suggest to create a more-than-perfect atmosphere of relaxation on Valentine’s Day.

Candles, essential for relaxation on Valentine's Day

Light a scented candle (or several) to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. The soft glows and captivating aromas pair perfectly with this special day. At the store, you will find those from the companies Mimi and August, Baltic Club and Dot & Lil. The Mimi and August mini candles can be a great option if you want to have several. In the kitchen, in the living room, in the bathroom if you are planning to take a bath and in the bedroom, there are only candles that can create a soft starry atmosphere.

Body soap and moisturizer for ultimate relaxation

Prepare a relaxing bath using scented soaps and moisturizing body creams. These care products will give your lover a soft and radiant skin. Among our suggestions available in store, products from local companies Dot & Lil and La Belle Excuse. Also, the local company Maison Paréa offers you a moisturizing cream formulated with Manicouagan clay, a 100% natural Quebec ingredient. 

Shower steam, a dream experience

For the ultimate sensory experience, opt for flavored shower steam tablets. Essential oils diffuse in the shower, enveloping you in soothing aromas. At the store, we suggest the shower steam from the Quebec company Margot. It will transform your bathroom into a real hammam from the first scent.

A therapeutic mask to encourage relaxation

From the Quebec company Amma Thérapie, discover the beauty of the therapeutic mask with its sweet scent of lavender. Offer one to your partner for ultimate relaxation, perhaps for a massage! The mask soothes the skin and allows you to relax while taking care of yourself. It should be noted that the mask has many other virtues. It will become a great ally, whether you then use it hot, cold or lukewarm, as needed.

An atmosphere of flavors for Valentine’s Day

Delight yourself with your choices from our selection of gourmet products, whether fine chocolates, terrines & confits, prepared meals or macaroons. Share these delights with your loved one for a moment of perfect gourmet complicity.

A Valentine's Day with flowers

Of course, don't forget the flowers. Choose a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers to bring a touch of natural beauty to your evening. The colors and scents of the flowers will perfectly complement your sensory experience. Our creations from À la Boîte à Fleurs can be placed on the table at home or delivered to work with a pretty card inviting you for the rest of the day! Because flowers are the most romantic thing! And for a little extra “oumph”, add to your bouquet a magnificent piece of jewelry from our in-store collection, namely the sublime Beblue jewelry (made in Montreal from ethically sourced materials) and those from Mia Bijoux (designed in Montreal and hypoallergenic).

Create a unique atmosphere on Valentine's Day

By combining the elements of flowers, flavors and relaxation, you will create a unique atmosphere for Valentine's Day. Romance, gourmet pleasures and relaxation combine for an unforgettable experience with your better half. Give him/her a day that he/she will remember for the rest of his/her life!

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