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Valentine's Day: the 10 favorites of the team

Saint-Valentin : les 10 coups de coeur de l’équipe

For Valentine's Day, we present you the 10 favorites of the team!

On this day, we want to spoil all the precious people in our lives by giving them a gift filled with love and tenderness. Our sweetheart, of course, but also a parent, a sister, a brother, a friend, a neighbor, a significant colleague and without forgetting the children who surround us! We take advantage of this beautiful day to tell them "You are so important in my life! Thank you for being there".

We have selected for you the 10 favorites of the team. Be inspired by the following!


1. A romantic dinner for 2:

For you & your significant other, for your parents or a couple of friends, treat yourself to a high-end gourmet meal at home without any hassle! A 3 course menu, ready to eat, full of flavors and delivered in a cooler bag!

2. The most romantic gift box:

For your lover, a quartz and fresh water pearl bracelet, a red eternal rose, an exfoliating soap and chocolate sweets! Almost impossible to find better!

3. A gift for children :

For your little treasures, a cute gift that pairs chocolatey treats with a fun accessory! Give them this big dose of love!

4. A bouquet of red roses :

One of the most romantic ways to express your love to someone special, a bouquet of red roses. Because roses are always a must for people who love each other!

5. A dozen dried roses:

A bouquet of dried roses filled with tenderness and affection presented in a kraft paper package, decorated with a delicate ribbon! A decorative element that will remind her/him how much you think of her/him!

6. A romantic gift :

Give the gift of romance with a reusable mug, a mini eco candle, lip balm with SPF and chocolate treats! We love the sweetness, eco-friendliness and deliciousness of this gift!

7. Duo of eco-friendly roses :

A duo of roses in a reusable glass water bottle that is both sweet, practical and eco-friendly. Add some fine chocolates for an extra sweetness!

8. I love you more than wine :

A gift of infinite sweetness! Flowers presented in a beautiful wine cup with writing! Love more than wine... it says it all!

9. An eternal rose under the bell :

A beautiful red eternal rose presented under a glass bell! The joy of a rose that lasts for years!

10. A permanent exotic bouquet :

To offer a little warmth for Valentine's Day (and that lasts forever!), this permanent bouquet of flowers is the perfect gift! We love the way it looks with its elegant greenery!

So to spoil all the loved ones around you on Valentine's Day, get inspired by these favorites from the team available at the boutique!

This Valentine's Day, make sure you live the Fleurs & Saveurs experience!

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