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What to write in a greeting card? A guide to keep for all occasions

Quoi écrire dans une carte de souhaits guide à conserver article de blogue

The pleasure of receiving a greeting card in the mail, even just one without a gift! These days, it is pretty rare to receive a card in the mail, especially with the advent of text messaging, Messenger and other communication networks. And yet, it is such a thoughtful gesture, the delicacy of a simple action, the joy of someone taking the time to write to us! Take up the challenge of taking your words on the road to happiness!

Writing a greeting card is much more than a simple gesture. It is an opportunity to share emotions and forge bonds. Whether it is to say thank you, offer your sympathies or simply wish someone a happy day, finding the perfect words can sometimes be a challenge. Our guide to " What to write in a greeting card " offers ideas for creating memorable messages tailored to every occasion.



  • A message of thanks and gratitude

Express your gratitude by putting words to your appreciation in a specific way. For example :

"Your invaluable help during my move made the whole process smooth. Many thanks for your presence and contribution!"

"Thank you so much for your presence and time these past few weeks. I'm so lucky to have you!

  • Wishes for a good day

Brightening someone's day with a positive message can leave a lasting impression. Opt for inspiring words :

"May this day be filled with smiles and bright moments. Make the most of every moment!"

"I just wanted to wish you a beautiful day and tell you how much you mean to me!"

  • Express your thoughts

Show someone that she/he occupy a special place in your mind with loving words :

"Even miles away, you are still in my thoughts. I can't wait to see you again!"

"Simple words to tell you that I am thinking of you today! My heart goes out to you!

  • Sympathy and support

In times of bereavement, whether you opt for a greeting card alone, a bouquet of flowers or a gift of condolence offer sincere words of comfort and support:

"At this very difficult time, my thoughts are with you. Please accept my deepest condolences and friendship".

"Our thoughts are with you at this time of grief. Our hearts go out to you and we offer you our deepest condolences!"

  • Personalized for every occasion

For special events like birthdays and weddings, tailor your greeting card to suit the occasion. For example :

"Happy birthday to you! Embrace this new year with joy!"

"Congratulations to you 2 on your wedding anniversary! You are an inspiration! We wish you many more years of love and happiness!"

"It is time to retire! Congratulations on all these years of wonderful involvement! Now is the time to take some time for yourself!"

In summary

When writing a greeting card, be authentic and sincere. Your words should reflect your true emotions. Add a personal touch or a touch of humor if inspiration leads you. Your authenticity will make all the difference in the message you convey.

We hope our guide to what to write in a greeting card will help you write meaningful messages that bring happiness and comfort to their recipients. Make your loved ones' faces shine with greeting cards filled with affection and sweet, positive thoughts!

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