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Plants & health

Plantes & Santé

When we talk about plants and health, it is sometimes difficult to find a credible link. However, there is really an association to be made. Research on this subject is becoming more and more numerous : it has been shown that in addition to purifying the air we breathe in our homes and at work, certain plants promote sleep, reduce stress levels and have an impact on our mood. So yes, plants and health are intimately linked!


When we do some research on plants and health, we discover that some plants are able to absorb pollutants from the air. Also, they have the ability to eliminate impurities (toxins), which is reflected in a better quality of oxygen and a real impact on our energy level and concentration. Integrating one of these plants at home or at the office can be a very positive element! Among the plants with these virtues, there are among others the dracaena, the philodendron, the spathiphyllum (lily of peace), the pothos and the sansevieria.


In terms of plants and health, there are several close links in the literature between the presence of certain plants in our bedroom and the quality of our sleep. As we all know, getting a good night's sleep has a direct effect on our body. We are more alert, more concentrated during the day and in a better mood. Unfortunately, our hectic lifestyles are among the many things that can disrupt our sleep. It has been shown that certain plants have properties that promote better sleep. It is said that aloe vera would release oxygen during the night, which would purify the air and help us breathe better. The large leaves of the Rhapis excelsa (bamboo palm) would also have the capacity to purify the toxins in the air. Same thing for the bromelia. In addition to that, the Areca palm would act as a natural humidifier, ideal for people who suffer from sinus problems. Other studies have shown that ivy would help reduce asthma symptoms. The list could go on and on: gardenia, gerbera plant , pothos, spathiphyllum (peace lily), sansevieria , chlorophytum (spider plant), etc. So from a plant and sleep health point of view, we love it!


Still from a plants and health point of view, research states that being in the presence of plants can have many therapeutic effects on our body. Among other things, it is said that plants would naturally have an anti-stress effect on the human being, if only by helping to create a perfect, calm and relaxing atmosphere. Integrating them into our decor is not only a winning choice but an essential decision.

When you think about it, it's not surprising that plants are the essence of homeopathic medicine, which draws all their benefits to help treat various ailments.

There is no doubt that health and plants are a perfect match!

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