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Indoor plants : which one to choose and care tips

Plante d'intérieur : laquelle choisir et conseils pour l'entretien

A indoor plant brings a touch of freshness and life to your home or office, while helping to purify the air and create a pleasant atmosphere. Whether you are a beginner in the field or a passionate amateur, here are a few tips we share for choosing, maintaining and decorating with a indoor plant.


Choosing the right indoor plant

The first step to success in adding a houseplant is to choose a variety suited to your space, your gardening skills and the mood you want to create. Don't hesitate to ask your florist for advice. your florist or your garden center to make sure you get the right plant for your environment.

Determining the most important factors in choosing a indoor plant

Before you head out to the store, we suggest you first determine exactly where you want to add a plant, whether at home or in the office. You will want to consider :

Light levels

Light plays an essential role in the growth of an indoor plant. Some plants prefer indirect light and thrive in spaces away from direct sunlight. Other plant varieties require direct sunlight and should be placed near a sunny window. And some shade plants thrive only in dimly lit areas.

Your goals in adding a plant

Think about what you want from your next houseplant. Do you want to improve air quality, create a relaxing atmosphere, promote good health or simply add greenery to your space? Your personal goals will influence where you choose to place the plant and which variety you choose.

Space available for the new plant

Consider the space available in the room. Make sure the plant will have enough space to grow and develop without being obstructed by furniture or other objects. For safety's sake, we suggest that you don't place your plant near places where it could be knocked over or damaged. Make sure your plant is out of the reach of pets and children, especially if it is toxic.

Caring for your houseplant

Here are a few basic tips on how to care for your houseplant and ensure its healthy growth.

Regular maintenance

Inspect your plant regularly for signs of problems such as pests, yellowing leaves or sagging stems. By acting quickly, you can prevent major problems and keep your plants healthy. Refer to your plant supplier if you have any doubts or questions. He or she will be able to advise you in the event of a problem.

Ensure regular watering

Watering is a key to success with your houseplant. Avoid over-watering, as this can lead to root rot. Instead, get to know the plant's water requirements and water accordingly. Use saucers to prevent water overflow.

Evaluate humidity, a factor that counts

Air circulation is essential to the health of your plant. Make sure the location you choose allows a certain amount of air circulation to avoid the build-up of excessive humidity, which can encourage mold and disease. That said, somehouseplants, such as ferns, orchids and tropical plants, prefer a more humid environment. If the location is drier, you can increase humidity by placing a tray of water near the plant, or by using a humidifier.

A houseplant as a decorative element

A houseplant isn't just something that's good for your health. It is also an excellent way to beautify your interior and decorate a room. It blends in with the decor, adding color, texture and character. For example, a plant with lush leaves can add a touch of soothing greenery, while one with colorful flowers brings vibrancy to the space.

Use matching pots and planters to create a harmonious look. Opt for an eco-friendly fabric planter. Made from high-quality fabric scraps and knitted with recycled water bottle fiber, it's beautiful, practical, washable, waterproof and eco-responsible! A quick note: we have different models and sizes available in store ;) You can also hang your plant to add a bohemian touch to your space. Plant gardens are also very trendy!

Things to keep in mind when buying a indoor plant

There is one very important factor not to be overlooked when buying a houseplant during the winter months. When a plant is exposed to cold temperatures, even if only for a few minutes, it is important to take certain precautions :

  • Make sure your plant is well wrapped before taking it outside to your home or office. Ideally, it should be wrapped in paper rather than plastic (plastic conducts cold), and if the plant is not to be given as a gift, you can even provide an extra cloth or small blanket.
  • Make sure that your car is sufficiently heated before you take the plant out of your supplier's premises. This will minimize thermal shock to your plant. Our delivery vehicles offer these advantages for flowers and plants when we take care of the delivery.

In conclusion

In summary, indoor plants are a beautiful and beneficial addition to your home and office. By choosing the right plant, nurturing it with love and integrating it into your interior design, you can create a greener, healthier and more livable space. So why hesitate to add a little greenery to your home today? Get in touch with us, our team to help you choose your ideal plant!

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