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Easter, flowers & chocolate

Pâques, les fleurs & le chocolat

In spite of its important Christian meaning, if we are honest you and I, the Easter celebration is above all a day during which flowers and chocolate are honored. The gifts that we give (ourselves) for the occasion have however a very precise and justified symbolism. So we don't have to feel guilty for abusing them... a little!

You'll agree with me that we never get tired of flowers at any time of the year. At Easter, however, giving flowers or integrating them on our table if we receive is not only pretty. It symbolizes the arrival of the spring season. A sign of renewal and rebirth, flowers herald the return of warm weather and mild temperatures. As if nature was giving us the opportunity to be reborn. So whether it's in a bouquet or in a centerpiece, we let these natural beauties enter our home and fragrance us with all the positive things they bring us!

The flowers of the moment? Hyacinths, white lilies, hydrangeas, daisies, tulips, ranunculus and lilacs are in the spotlight in our fresh colorful bouquets!


And then there's chocolate! In the past, chicken eggs were offered at Easter, symbols of fertility and happiness. With the passage of time and the considerable progress made in the processing of cocoa paste, chocolate eggs have taken over the tradition. Our taste buds are delighted :).

However, we must be honest; nowadays, the chocolate craftsmen surpass themselves year after year to offer us high quality chocolates in the most varied shapes and colors. Unfortunately, we find on the shelves of supermarkets low-end chocolates marketed at a fraction of the price. However, it's up to us, customers, with our increasingly present values of buying local, to make the choice to encourage our Quebec chocolate masters at Easter. At L'Espace Gourmet, we offer you original creations, of great quality and especially, from here:

  • Fays Terroir Chocolaté
  • Catherine & Chocolat
  • Chocolaterie Geneviève Grandbois 
  • Christophe Morel Chocolatier

Besides, chocolate tasting (in reasonable quantity) has many benefits on the human body. Studies have shown that it has euphoric effects on morale, acting in a way as an anti-depressant. It also provides a boost of energy. In addition, the antioxidants in chocolate have been shown to stimulate the brain, protect against brain aging and act as a preventive against cardiovascular disease. Giving (and eating) chocolate at Easter is therefore, you will agree, a symbol of happiness and health! So why deprive yourself?

Easter, flowers and chocolate are intimately linked. One cannot go without the other. This year at Easter, discover our selection flowers & chocolate gifts and let yourself be charmed by these spring sweets!

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