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Corporate gift baskets : why not?

paniers cadeaux corporatifs

Corporate gift baskets, the perfect way to thank customers!

Being the employer of a company, whether small, medium or large, comes with its own set of challenges, no matter what field you are in. Among all the things it takes to succeed, you not only need to be able to surround yourself with an exceptional team, but also to take care of your customers. And when it comes to a major contract or long-term loyalty, what we want most of all is for our employees and customers is to feel that they are making a difference to our company and contributing to its growth. That's where a corporate gift basket comes in.

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Thank you gifts : a personalized attention

Ohhh, it goes without saying that verbal thank-yous play a very important role : "Thank you for encouraging us", "Thank you for trusting us", and so on. But have you ever considered how much a corporate gift basket, whether it is just a little thought, simple and unpretentious, or majestic and gourmet, can bring a huge dose of happiness into a customer's life (or a team's after an intensive period of work)? Think about it for a few seconds...

In today's digital age, with transactional sites becoming easier and easier to use, competition is ever-present, and everyone is trying in their own way to stand out from their competitors. Offering personalized customer service is one of those small differences that sometimes tip the balance. Let me explain.

You undoubtedly have customers who, at every opportunity, choose your company to meet their needs. Or customers who have chosen to award you a major contract and put their trust in you. Consider offering them a corporate gift basket / thank-you gift. This inevitably creates a sense of importance. Of course, as an entrepreneur, you can't always afford to reward everything. However, on occasion, the decision to do so can be a very wise one.

Bulding employee and customer loyalty 

I'm sure you will agree that choosing to offer a corporate gift basket to certain customers can help us stand out from the crowd and build customer loyalty. Just as gratifying, a few times a year, or after a busy period during which the team has outdone itself, why not have one delivered to be shared and left in the office staff room? Not only is it trendy, it iss happiness at its finest! And our Quebec gift boxes encourage local purchasing and can be delivered anywhere in Canada - just what we love!

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Thank-you gifts : what's new

To guide you a little, here are what's in this year :

  • MYNI products for body and home.

  • Jerky beef, from the renowned Joe Beef.

  • Mimi and August mini candles with comforting fragrances for the colder season.

  • Gourmet du Village cocktail or mocktail mixes.

  • From Nutra Fruit, a jar of cranberries in whisky (for exceptional cocktails).

  • Products from Labonté de la Pomme, such as their vanilla pear butter (wooden spoon included).

  • Coffee bean pearls from Nordic-inspired Chocolat Boréal.

  • Naak waffles, the perfect natural snack for your next trail run, bike ride or outdoor activity.

  • The ô tasty products of Olive & Olives (stuffed olives, mustard, oil and balsamic trio)

  • Spicy salsa from La Pimenterie.

  • From, a box of instant coffee made with conscientious beans, roasted locally (in the Eastern Townships) and presented in recyclable and compostable packaging.

  • For an at-home spa experience and to transform your bathroom into a hammam from the first whiff, shower steam from Margot.

  • A mocktail (or cocktail base) from Domaine Harrington.

  • Fine maple-filled chocolates from La Pralinière.

  • Crackling wood wick candles, 100% natural soy coconut wax from Cafiti, a company based in St-Polycarpe, Montérégie.

  • Products from The Baltic Club (stationery, incense, hand soaps, relaxing candles).

🛒 Also discover our Birth gifts collection (baby gift boxes & maternity flowers) as well as our entire universe of Fun gifts for kids & the young at heart.

Corporate gifts, what you need to remember

When it comes down to it, a loyal team and a loyal clientele make for a healthy business!

Reward and recognize your employees and customers with a corporate gift basket!

Please note : if you wish, we can store your business cards or other promotional items and include them in your gift boxes at the time of shipping.

So if you are an employer, keep this in mind, and if you are an employee, spread the word to your boss by sharing this article! Because a corporate gift basket can make all the difference!

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