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Giving flowers on Valentine's Day : who to think about too

Offrir des fleurs à la Saint-Valentin, à qui il faut aussi penser

Let's start with something true : Valentine's Day isn't just a holiday for lovers. It is the perfect opportunity to express your love and appreciation for the people you care about. When we think of Valentine's Day, yes, our lover immediately comes to mind, but why not extend this tradition by giving flowers to other important people in your life?

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Loyal friends

Friends are precious, and Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to show them how much you appreciate them. A carefully chosen bouquet of flowers can express your gratitude for this priceless friendship. Surprise a friend by delivering a bouquet of flowers at work (or at home, if you know she/he teleworks). Your surprise for that friend will make their day!

Your family

Whether it is for your parents (yes, dads love flowers too!), siblings, or other family members with whom you share a meaningful bond, giving flowers on Valentine's Day is a great way to emphasize that deep connection.

A word of warning : it goes without saying that we often talk about our biological family members. However, we should also have a thought for the members of an adoptive family, and by that I mean the family we choose. Giving them flowers on this day when we celebrate love is an expression of the meaningful bond that unites you.


Certain people who support you in your professional life, who accompany you every day and with whom you spend many hours together also deserve to be celebrated. Offering a bouquet of flowers or other thoughtful gesture to a colleague can help create a positive atmosphere and strengthen relationships at work. If you are one of the lucky ones with a dream team at work, you can also give or have flowers and/or sweet and savoury treats delivered to the staff lounge for all to enjoy.

A neighborand/or caregiver

Do you have someone who help you organize your day by volunteering their services? A neighbor takes care of your children when you are ill, brings you ready-made meals when you are sick, helps you with household chores when it is more difficult for you? Valentine's Day is the perfect day to show her/him that her/his presence makes your life easier and more pleasant. A gesture as simple as sending flowers will brighten her day and show your appreciation.

Flowers for Valentine's Day, yes, but what else?

We instinctively associate the words "flowers" and "Valentine's Day". They're somehow interrelated. That said, at À la Boîte à Fleurs, our Flowers & Flavors universe, as well as our range of relaxation, well-being and jewelry that we offer allow for originality by giving you the opportunity to combine bouquets of flowers and other products into a single gift. Discover more by browsing our collection Flower and gift duos!

In summary

Beyond the boundaries of romance, love manifests itself in many different ways. We think of a friend who's in your life every day, a member of your biological or chosen family, a colleague at work who makes your days lighter, or a caregiver who makes your day easier. Whatever the bond between you, this Valentine's Day, express how much you love them and extend the tradition by offering them a symbolic sweet treat. Because that's what Valentine's Day is all about ❤️

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