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Local gift basket delivery

Livraison de panier cadeau local

The delivery of a local gift basket to give and offer happiness to an important person has a growing popularity, and we understand why! We want to encourage our local businesses and promote the local gift basket.

What we offer you is " Experience Flavors and Sweetnesses with À la Boîte à Fleurs!"


A few weeks ago, we proudly presented our brand new boxes including exclusively Quebec products and the possibility of delivery anywhere in Canada, whether for a single shipment or for hundreds of mailings. Details can be found right here. And we promised you something new... here it is!


This packaging was originally designed to be as ecologically responsible as possible. Our wish and our efforts were to minimize the ecological footprint of our gift boxes. We are so proud of the result! Inside the boxes, everything that is included to protect the products during transport and to ensure that everything is visually perfect when the box is opened is recyclable. Everything! We have reduced the use of single-use materials to a minimum. Bye bye to the abuse of tape and non-essential plastics!


With the delivery of a local gift basket, you allow to (re)discover our Quebec through products that reflect years of hard work of our local company. Products of great quality and oh so diversified for all ages:

  • Sweet and salty gourmet products
  • Wellness and relaxation products
  • Care products for the little ones
  • Accessories


In order to make each local gift basket delivery experience unique, our boxes have our own design (nice, isn't it?), which reflects a brand image ensuring high quality products and a perfect presentation. Also, we now have a seal and a label with the store's logo. All of these little details are both visually stunning and environmentally conscious, making the experience of receiving a local gift basket super complete!


In addition, the letter carriers at Canada Post do an outstanding job of valuing excellent customer service. You can be assured that your gift shipments will arrive to your recipient(s) with great care.

Go now, it's on our Online Store you will find the perfect gift basket for you!

Experience Saveurs et Douceurs with!

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