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Flower delivery: flowers for every occasion!

Livraison de fleurs : des fleurs en toutes occasions!

A flower delivery is never meaningless. You've probably given someone flowers before, no matter what the occasion. Do you remember the feeling you had at this time? And if you have ever received a bouquet for any occasion, do you remember what it created in you? I don't know of anyone who hasn't felt that way.

When we receive a delivery of flowers, it has been shown that it causes our bodies to release dopamine and serotonin, commonly known as the happy hormones. The result : happiness, joy, feeling of being important to someone, comfort... It has also been pointed out that it is not only the act of giving or receiving flowers that is euphoric. The smell of the perfume they give off is also responsible for the happiness they bring.

Now let's face it, everyone deserves to receive flowers, woman or man. The days when flowers were only for women and given by men are long gone!
A flower delivery can be done in any circumstances, planned or spontaneous, and can convey different messages. Flowers are given in the context of love, romance, friendship, affection, sympathy, celebration. They say "I love you", "I am thinking of you", "I thank you", "I am proud of you", "I am with you in my thoughts", "I am with you in these difficult moments", "Congratulations", "I am grateful", "I appreciate you", "I wish you a nice day".

We often think, quite wrongly, that a flower delivery is organized on specific occasions, such as birthdays, deaths, Valentine's Day. However, anything can be marked with flowers. Birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms, invitations, promotions, the beginning of a new project or a new challenge, during (or at the end of) a difficult period, moving, encouragement... You understand that the list can be long! I would even dare to add that giving flowers to yourself, for your home or office, is a very sweet way to take care of yourself!

Flowers are there to mark the time and make any occasion a memorable one.

Things to think about before a flower delivery :

  • Do you want to write a message on a card? If so, be sure to mention it.
  • Does the person have a vase on hand? (Consider including one if they don't have one). For example, in the hospital, it is absolutely necessary to have one.
  • It is important to check the person's work hours if it is for an office delivery.
  • If the bouquet is being delivered to the home, we will have to call to make sure the person answers. Since these are flowers, we cannot leave the bouquet or gift basket at the door.
  • There is a delivery charge and a minimum order amount. Please note that these are our own delivery vehicles (not a cardboard box left at the door delivered in 2-3 business days). Therefore, we have to charge a basic price for this personalized service.
  • Payment must be made by credit card (in store or by phone) or cash (in store).
  • Consult all détails on our delivery section.

How to proceed for a flower delivery :

  • By phone: 450-622-0341 or 1-800-784-3495: if you are the type of person who likes to talk to someone to validate a few details and personalize your shipment, we will be happy to talk to you in person!
  • By internet: via our online store.  Convenient if you're the type to store at night!
  • In store: 3266, Boul. Sainte-Rose, Laval, H7P 4K8. If you are passing by, or if you want to choose with us the flowers or the products to send!

At À la Boîte à Fleurs, the entire team strives to make every flower delivery an unforgettable experience. Each bouquet creation is made with love and care. Delivering flowers is a mission we are honored to carry out for you! Professional, courteous and efficient service awaits you. Our adapted vehicles protect the flowers from thermal shocks and our delivery men handle the packages with care. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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