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Preserved roses: quality & eco-responsibility

Les roses éternelles : qualité & éco-responsabilité

Preserved roses have an irresistible charm and the quality of being long-lasting! In addition to their beauty, their variety of sublime colors and their infinite delicacy, they are the perfect gift for a lover, a retreat, a symbolic anniversary, a wedding gift, etc. They are a symbol of deep and sincere love, of pure affection, of the importance of a bond that unites.


When you want to buy a preserved rose, it is sometimes difficult to find your way around because, like fresh roses, we find them at all prices and especially in different qualities! Here is some important information to ensure that you make a choice that combines quality and eco-responsibility.


The preserved roses are in fact natural roses rehydrated by a preservative liquid that keep the natural appearance of fresh roses for up to 5 years! Roses and their accessories are kept in the same vase (depending on the choice of arrangement), without ever having to be watered. Because no, these flowers never need water. All you have to do is periodically remove any dust that may accumulate using cool air from a hair dryer (carefully). With this simple care, you will enjoy a rose that will last for years!


The preserved roses from À la Boîte à Fleurs all come from the Kiara producer. Kiara Flowers is a world renowned Ecuadorian farm that specializes in producing the most exquisite everlasting flowers. The farm grows and harvests all its products, which are of the highest quality.

Unfortunately, there is no Quebec producer of preserved roses yet. It is currently impossible to find a quality product here in Quebec. However, you can guess that if one day we find the same expertise in preserved roses here as in Ecuador, we will obviously turn to these suppliers! That said, in the meantime, it is good to know that the farm Kiara is distinguished by its eco-responsible values and its concern for the environment.


To achieve such high quality preserved roses, it requires a flawless raw material. The farm Kiara works with its own fresh flowers to ensure the success of the preservation process. It undertakes the process of preservation and production of material in the same factory.


The farm Kiara estimates that 80% dof its everlasting roses are imported by boat, including those we order for the store. The long life of the roses produced at the plant allows them to be transported in a way that reduces the impact on the environment.


The statistical data from Kiara farm is excellent:

0% loss in transit, 0% loss in storage and 0% waste. That's what we call a perfect score!


You will find different places on the market where you can buy preserved roses at different prices. As you can see, they are not all the same: they are not all of high quality and they do not all have an eco-responsible origin (not to mention eternal roses that come from China). It's up to you to make the difference in your purchase choice! Until you can get some that come from local farms, opt for an eco-responsible choice!

In closing, here are some arrangements of eternal roses that you will find on our online store!

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