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The meaning of colors : a look at the language of flowers

La signification des couleurs des fleurs : regard sur le langage floral

Flowers have long been used and still play an essential role in self-expression to communicate emotions, feelings and subtle messages. Each flower color carries its own meaning, although these meanings may vary slightly depending on flower type and culture. For a bit of fun, let's take a look at some of the most common meanings of flower colors.


The meaning of colors

Here is what the literature says about the main flower colors :

Red flowers

Red is the color of passion and/or intense love. It symbolizes romantic love and ardor. Red roses, for example, are often associated with the declaration of deep love.

Pink flowers

Pink is generally associated with love, but more with gentleness and appreciation. Or comfort. Pink roses are often given to express tender feelings and gratitude.

White flowers

Purity, innocence, respect and peace are the main meanings associated with white. White hydrangeas, for example, are often used in wedding ceremonies to symbolize the purity of love.

Yellow flowers

Yellow flowers are often associated with joy, friendship and cheerfulness. Yellow sunflowers, for example, are a symbol of happiness and sincere friendship.

Purple flowers

Purple flowers are often associated with royalty, elegance and creativity. Purple orchids, for example, are an ideal gift for expressing admiration with elegance.

Orange flowers

Orange is the color of enthusiasm and energy. Orange flowers, like gerberas, convey warmth and vitality.

Blue flowers

Blue evokes tranquility, serenity, inner peace and confidence. Blue flowers, such as hyacinths or blue hydrangeas, are perfect for expressing calm and understanding.

That said, as we have mentioned, these flower color meanings are to be taken with a grain of salt. And on top of all that, there is nothing like choosing flowers by letting our current favorites speak for themselves!

Cultural nuances

It is important to note that the meaning of flower colors can vary from one culture to another. For example, white is associated with death in some Asian cultures, while red is the color of happiness and prosperity. So it is essential to take the recipient's culture into account when giving flowers.

To give a bouquet of flowers is to use a language that is devoid of words, but which speaks volumes. In every circumstance, flowers can be used to wish someone a happy holiday, offer congratulations or comfort in times of bereavement or hardship. It is also important to remember that flowers, even when given for "no specific reason", speak with great gentleness : I just wanted to say hello, I'm thinking of you, I miss you, I love you, thank you for being in my life... Receiving a bouquet of flowers goes straight to the heart!

Conclusion on the meaning of colors

Personal feelings and relationships are unique, and flowers are often used to express emotions that go beyond simple color meanings. The language of flowers is a rich and diverse tradition that can vary from flower to flower and culture to culture. So don't hesitate to give flowers in the color you love, because the gesture itself is surely the most important thing.

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