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Gift basket delivery, a goof idea!

La livraison de paniers cadeaux, c’est oui!

Gift baskets and delivery services are inevitably becoming a hot topic these days. To now, the covidian reality is forcing us to rethink our habits and question our ways of shopping and giving. Unfortunately, groupings to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, births, retirements, meaningful involvements, symbolic holidays (and what about Christmas, which will be here in a few weeks?!), etc. are to be avoided. Distance or not, that's why gift basket delivery becomes our best ally.

At À la Boîte à Fleurs the creation of gift baskets with a variety of gourmet products is already in our DNA. For several years now, with the aim of helping you discover fabulously good products, at L'Espace Gourmet we dare, we propose, we bring to you gift baskets filled with everything that is most beautiful. And the best! It would be a shame not to take advantage of them or not to give them to someone you love.

Having said that, is there any risk involved in carefully selecting gift baskets and sending them via a delivery service to people who are important to us? The question is perfectly valid! Will the gift baskets be delivered wrapped? How will they be arranged in the box at their destination? Will the products arrive in good condition? Can we order in advance? Let's try to demystify all the questions we have about sending gift baskets by mail.


When the gift baskets must be delivered in the areas we serve (Laval, Montreal, Rive-Nord and Rive-Sud), we prefer our own delivery service, with our lettered vehicles and our staff. However, it may be possible for various reasons that the delivery of the gift baskets ordered be entrusted to an external service (courier or other carrier), even if they are delivered on our territory. When the gift basket must be delivered outside our area, we carefully entrust it to a carrier. In this case, the gift basket is then re-wrapped in a transport box to ensure that the gift wrapping is well protected.

In addition, for companies who order several gift baskets and wish to do so, it ispossible to arrange for pick-up in store by their courier or by the delivery service of their choice (by having the charges put on their account). It's simple, fast, efficient and professional!


Since the very beginning of this pandemic, and this will continue until the lifting of the public health orders, we assiduously respect each of the instructions issued to protect our team as well as our customers. Our delivery people are subject to strict hygiene rules. They wear masks (of course!) and the delivery is done without contact. If the gift basket is entrusted to a courier or other carrier, they also use the no-touch delivery and are used to following the hygiene rules. If you have any questions or hesitations, please do not hesitate to contact us via Message or consult our FAQ.


When you order gift baskets, the products will be presented in a gift box, in a bag or in a transparent packaging (the transparent packaging is only used with our delivery service). Be assured that the packaging will be in keeping with the time of year. For example, the Christmas gift baskets have a seasonal presentation, including decorative ribbon, pine cones and Christmas tree. The decoration will be different from Christmas if it is a birthday or a thank you for some involvement.


When gift baskets are delivered, the products are arranged in an elegant and neat way. For examples, see our section Gift baskets or Christmas gift baskets.


To make sure that the products reach the recipient in good condition, we have developed our own little tricks (which we have tested many times!). To avoid that everything is upside down in the packaging during transport, the little glue dots are very useful! Hihi!

Did you guess? The products are delicately glued together and placed in such a way as to avoid any movement. A professional trick (as easy as any!) that allows everything to stay in place like a magic wand


I have to be honest here. And you will have to be understanding, especially during holiday season. Transportation delays for gift baskets and other mail will be difficult to predict during this busy period. This is out of our control. However, we do everything in our power at the store to ensure that your gift baskets arrive on time. Don't want to be caught off guard this year? I suggest that you do your shopping and selection in advance and plan your shipment at the same time. You'll have a stress-free holiday season and you'll get all the credit from the people you spoil!

Gift basket delivery is in, it's trendy and it's a brilliant idea in these difficult times when we have no choice but to rethink our ways of doing things. Not only is it a wonderful thought for the people we love, but it also encourages our local commerce and businesses. You see, with the delivery of gift baskets, we kill two birds with one stone!

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