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Gift Ideas Quebec

Idées cadeaux Québec

Giving gifts for different occasions is part of our culture. In recent months, we have developed more than ever the importance of buying local. Not only to encourage local businesses, but more than anything to support our local entrepreneurs. We want to keep this way of consuming, and that's why this year we're opting for purely Quebec gift ideas!


There are many gift ideas made in Quebec. And for all tastes.

Sweet treats..

1. Hazelnut spread from Allô Simone (as seen on Dans l'oeil du Dragon)

2. Fine chocolate from the company FAYS Terroir Chocolaté

3. Caramel delicious from La Cuisine par Marie-Ève Langlois

4. Energizing chocolate from Up Bio

5. Fruit jam from Simon Turcotte Confiturier

The saltier delights..

6. Olive oil and balsamic from Zoë Olive Oil

7. Olives & marinades from the company Cafiti

8. Tartar seasoning from the company CRU

9. Maple baseball mustard from Au Pied de Cochon

10. Culinary mousse from Krémeux


There are many gift ideas for a green Quebec! Here some of the accessories of all kinds that we suggest you.

11. Cutting board from Chop Chop

12. bath, body & home products from Dot & Lil

13. Products from the eco-friendly collection from the company Ricardo

14. Natural mill Pepper & spice mills from the company Pépin Shop

15. Log gift cedar (and its warrior spices) from Kwis-Kwis (as seen on the show Dans l'oeil du Dragon)

16. Maple wood scraper from Vital


At the boutique, we offer you two (2) local companies that make products for the delicate skin of our little ones. Here they are, so that they too can have their own 100% Quebec gift ideas:

17. Douceurs BioLove for baby's skin from Druide

18. Delicate pampered products from Lolo

Finding gift ideas that are purely Quebec is quite possible. And much easier than you think! Ask around in your area : there are probably plenty of little treasures near you! You can also visit the Buy Local section of our online store!

In addition to spoiling someone we love, we encourage our local businesses!

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