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Gift idea for a woman

Idée cadeau pour une femme

Finding a gift idea for a woman is not always a simple task. Often, we are looking for THE perfect gift but we are running out of ideas. So how do you go about finding something that will create a "wow" factor?



To find a gift idea for a woman, there are some very important criteria to evaluate and consider. Among them :

What is the budget you want to respect?

The criterion that I (and my wallet) think is at the top of the list when it comes to finding a gift idea for a woman is first of all to determine how much money you want to spend for the gift (including the gift and the delivery if needed). You really have to keep in mind that there is no such thing as a small gift. A gift is that luxury that you offer to an important person. No matter what the monetary value is, it is still a wonderful attention of great emotional value!
Setting a budget ensures that you won't regret the expense. Bye bye guilt, we don't want you!

What is your personality type?

Knowing a little bit about the personality of the woman you want to give a gift to helps guide your gift choice.

The active and sporty woman :

For a gift idea for an active and/or athletic woman, we turn to reusable water bottles. There are several on the market. Their colorful and original designs are really nice, which motivates us to have them with us in every trip! The same goes for reusable snack bags, washable lunch bags and biodegradable utensil sets.

The gourmet woman :

For a gift idea for a foodie woman, we opt for gourmet products of all kinds. Sweet or savoury, the range of products offered on the Quebec market is gigantic!
Otherwise, look for kitchen accessories: kitchen linens, cutting boards, napkins or gadgets of all kinds.

The cocooning woman :

For a gift idea for a woman who appreciates cocooning moments, we find eco-friendly candles (those from Mimi and August are perfect!), home fragrances, therapeutic masks. In fact, everything for a relaxing atmosphere at home!

The environmentally conscious woman :

And finally, to find a gift idea for a woman who takes care of the planet, we turn to essential oils, vegan and eco-responsible body products or eco-friendly notebooks (we love those of the artist Stéphanie Renière Illustratrice!).


No matter what you're looking for as a gift idea for a woman, one thing is certain: it's easy to encourage buying local. And it's so important to do so! The products and accessories that are created here are so great, original, varied, high quality... and more!
Second certainty: you will find everything for every woman you wish to spoil at À la Boîte à Fleurs, either directly in store or via our online store! We deliver everywhere in Canada! Ask us about it

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