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Gift idea made in Quebec

Idée cadeau faite au Québec


Gift ideas made in Quebec : find a gift idea made in Quebec, it's possible, it's easy even. It's easy. It's choosing local products, created by local businesses. It's to make Quebec shine and to say loud and clear that here, we really do make beautiful products of all kinds!


At À la Boîte à Fleurs, our mission is to make you discover the most beautiful gift idea made in Quebec. We search, we get informed. We are constantly on the lookout for Quebec companies and the new products they create. Then, we share them with you and make them available at the store.


To offer you the gift idea made in Quebec that will answer exactly what you are looking for! Nothing less!


Finding the right gift idea made in Quebec is for everyone. It is in a way our challenge to all. Imagine the positive repercussions on the local economy if each person decided to choose a gift idea made in Quebec? It makes you think, doesn't it?


But I know: nobody has the taste or the time to go to a thousand and one places to get a variety of products in the same gift. This is precisely where À la Boîte à Fleurs stands out! Find at the boutique, in one place, the widest variety of products gourmet, relaxation and wellness products, eco-friendly products, fun products for kids and products for our little ones. Everything for a gift idea 100% made in Quebec!


The word has already started to spread. Did you know that?

Whether it's a gift idea made in Quebec, designed with familiar favorite products or new discoveries, you now have the opportunity to reach your family, friends, colleagues or clients & business partners wherever they are in Canada and let them discover our Quebec! Our team guarantees a perfect selection of products, a neat presentation and an exceptional experience, whether it is for a single shipment or for hundreds of mailings for a delivery across Canada!


Our gift boxes are primarily designed for delivery by mail across Canada via Canada Post or another carrier. We are proud of our eco-friendly packaging. In addition, everything inside the boxes to protect the products during transport and to ensure that everything is visually perfect when the box is opened is recyclable. Everything! We have reduced the use of single-use materials to a minimum. Bye bye to the abuse of tape and non-essential plastics!

For prices and details, see the delivery section of our website.


For a gift idea made in Quebec, as of today, find at the Boîte à Fleurs renowned companies, including

      • Allô Simone
      • Amma Therapy
      • Arbressence
      • Arte & Farina
      • RueTabaga Workshop
      • Au Pied de Cochons
      • White by rouGe
      • Cafiti
      • Candy Labs Montreal
      • Catherine & Chocolate
      • Chaleur B Choco
      • Chocolat Boréal
      • Chocolaterie DouceSoeur
      • Cidrerie Lacroix
      • Mini Coco Collection
      • Concept Connivence
      • Cru Tartare
      • Dot & Lil
      • Druide
      • Duo Glass
      • Burst your Bubble
      • Fays Terroir Chocolate
      • Gom.Mee
      • Gourmet du Village
      • Gourmaïs
      • GranoLust
      • Infusion Pilki
      • Joanie Houle Art
      • Juliette C'est Simple
      • Kanel Spices
      • La Belle Excuse
      • La Conserverie
      • La Cuisine par Marie-Ève Langlois
      • La Fabrique Gourmande
      • La Fourmi Bionique
      • La Lichée
      • La Maison du Bleuet
      • Le Lunch Box
      • Le Porc-Épique
      • Les Minettes
      • Le Vieux Balsamique
      • Lolo
      • Maison Pra
      • Malterre
      • Melanie Stone Jewelry
      • Miels d'Anicet
      • Mignons Touron
      • Mimi and August
      • Mimosa Design
      • Our Cabins
      • Little Pot of Thunder
      • Pico Tatoo
      • Poseidn
      • Ricardo
      • Simon Turcotte Confiturier
      • Stéphanie Renière Illustrator
      • Suk Chocolate
      • Vol Privé
      • Wildly Delicious
      • Zoë Olive Oil

What we offer is that for every gift idea made in Quebec, you can live the Flavors and Sweetness experience with À la Boîte à Fleurs!

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