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Father's Day : the best gift for dad

Fête des pères : le meilleur cadeau pour papa

I am sure you will agree that the month of June is all about Father's Day and finding the best gift to make a dad happy. To make your shopping easier, our team has put together a few suggestions for the best surprises to give to your biological dad, your adopted dad, your brother, brother-in-law, grandpa or any man who occupies this precious role!


Plan your Father's Day surprise

This Father's Day, plan your gift selection in advance. Instead of waiting to show up at his home or receive it on Father's Day Sunday, surprise him by having your sweet gift delivered to his home or office the day before.

The best gift for dad delivered to work

So there is no need to wait until Father's Day Sunday to tell dad how important he is in your life. Having the best gift delivered to work is guaranteed to surprise! And it will make his colleagues jealous! 😉 A garden of succulents or tropical plants to brighten up his workspace is a wonderful gift idea! Will you dare to give him this fabulous surprise?

Plan a delivery to his home

An option that's still a wise choice : schedule a delivery of his Father's Day gift to his place of residence. Our delivery drivers will be more than happy to surprise him with his gift. To find out how our delivery service works, please refer to our blog article on flower delivery (the process is the same).

Find out more about our shipping service!

The best gift to surprise dad

Our team has come up with the most amazing Father's Day gift ideas for every taste. Whether your dad is :

  • BBQ pro (sauces, spices, marinades, flavored oils, mustards, oil & vinegar bottles, condiments, various accessories)
  • a camping enthusiast (insulating glasses, sweets for around the fire, coffee pods, natural body products and repellents)
  • a golfer (mid-course snacks, thirst-quenching drinks, refreshing towels, glass with writing)
  • a sportsman or outdoorsman (energy snacks, nuts, crunchy granola, caps, waterproof bag, beach towels, reusable water bottles)
  • a man eco-friendly (microfoams, natural multi-surface cleaners, stainless steel cleaners, compostable sponges, reusable paper towels, olive oil-based hand cream, eco-friendly accessories)
  • or just a dad who loves a good time (fine chocolates, jellies & jams, gourmet aperitif essentials, popcorn, flasks, dragon beards, creamy caramels, maple syrup, candies, bouquets of flowers, plants)

we got him the best gift in the world! We also received many products from the Au Pied de Cochon collection by the renowned Martin Picard! A must-see!

If you are near Laval, come and see us in store. Do you live far away, or does your dad live far away? No problem : our gift boxes of Quebec products can be delivered anywhere in Canada!

Something to remember for Father's Day

This Father's Day, express your admiration for your biological dad, your adopted dad, your brother, brother-in-law, grandpa or any man who has such a precious role by giving him the best gift you can think of! Whether you are planning a delivery for him at work, at home, at a nearby address or elsewhere in Canada, surprise him and make him proud of his role as a father!

Live the experience Fleurs & Saveurs!

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