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Mother's Day, flowers and cultural traditions

Fêtes des mères, fleurs et traditions culturelles

Mother's Day is a universal celebration of maternal love, but each culture brings its own unique touch to this special occasion. Find out in this article how Mother's Day is honored with flowers in different places around the world, with cultural traditions that add floral richness to this memorable day!


Mother's Day in Quebec and Canada

In Quebec and across Canada, Mother's Day is a very family-oriented event.

The fact that it coincides with the arrival of spring certainly helps it to be celebrated with great enthusiasm. Families gather for special meals, and bouquets of flowers are trendy for that day.

Spring flowers are popular choices for Mother's Day bouquets. The bright colors and delicate scents of flowers add a special touch to this day dedicated to maternal love.

In Quebec and Canada, throughout Mother's Day weekend, we also celebrate our sisters, aunts and mother-in-law with a bouquet of flowers. We therefore strongly suggest that you don't wait until Sunday lunchtime before visiting your florist, so you can choose from the widest possible variety of flowers.

Mother's Day traditions in France

In France, Mother's Day is often marked by the exchange of flowers. Colorful bouquets, especially lilies and roses, are presented to mothers with warm embraces and messages of love. Flowers symbolize beauty and appreciation, making this day even more special in the eyes of those we wish to honor.

Mother's Day in Mexico

Mother's Day celebrations in Mexico are enlivened by brightly colored bouquets of flowers, the perfect accompaniment to the joyous mood of the festivities. This is the second most important holiday of the year, just after Christmas (Navidad). Families gather for festive meals, where flowers, especially sunflowers and roses, add a vibrant touch to the atmosphere.

Chrysanthemums and gratitude for Mother's Day in Japan

In Japan, Mother's Day is highly associated with the expression of gratitude. Chrysanthemums, symbols of long and happy life, and red carnations, representing shared love, are often chosen for floral arrangements. Families express their love by giving flowers, in a spirit of respect and appreciation for the mother figure.

The UK equivalent of Mother's Day

In the UK, Mothering Sunday is a celebration similar to Mother's Day as we know it here. Celebrations of the day according to English classics are marked by the tradition of giving flowers. Bouquets of wild flowers are given to the mothers, creating a warm, gentle atmosphere.

Small gestures and big traditions in Sweden

In Sweden, Mother's Day is marked by subtle traditions. Children prepare surprise breakfasts, while flowers such as peonies and tulips add a light, cheerful touch. Families come together to share sweet moments and celebrate the love we have for the women who gave us life.

The preserved rose for Mother's Day

Regardless of the cultural traditions with which you associate yourself, the eternal rose remains an essential flower for expressing love to our mom, grandma, stepmom, adopted or chosen mother, or any other maternal figure in your life. It's the tenderest expression of love for someone special.


In conclusion

Mother's Day transcends borders, and every culture brings its own meaning to this special day. Although this text presents only one view of Mother's Day in different cultural traditions, it nevertheless highlights the great presence of flowers to honor the world's mothers, each in their own way. The celebration of maternal love is a global experience, rich in floral diversity. What are your own Mother's Day traditions? Will you be inspired by different traditions when choosing flowers for Mother's Day?

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