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Eco-responsible commitments at À la Boîte à Fleurs

Engagements éco-responsables chez À la Boîte à Fleurs

Caring for our planet and making eco-responsible commitments are top priorities at À la Boîte à Fleurs. More than ever, every little action counts. To show you just how committed we are to caring for the environment, here are the details of our commitments as of today, both at the L'Espace Gourmet and the florist side.

Eco-responsible commitments at L'Espace Gourmet

L'Espace Gourmet's eco-responsible commitments are numerous. We strive to do our utmost for a greener planet.

Quebec suppliers

At L'Espace Gourmet, over 90% of our suppliers are from Quebec, which means less product transportation and a smaller carbon footprint. So meringues, terrines and confits, cocktail mixes, fine chocolates, jellies and jams, caramels, crackers, candies and popcorn, spices, teas, granolas, reusable mugs, candles and relaxation accessories, eco-friendly cleaning products and accessories come almost entirely from Quebec. These eco-responsible commitments are pretty impressive, don't you think? We are very proud to be able to showcase the choices and diversity of our local entrepreneurs.

Our lunch boxes

As part of our lunch boxes here again, we are proud of our eco-responsible commitments. For a long time now, all our containers have been made of recyclable plastic or cardboard, our utensil sets of wood and our straws of paper. Nothing in single-use plastic. We followed suit before it became a regulation in Laval and Montreal (among others). We also try to use local foods in the production of our menu.

Compost, recycling and reuse

At L'Espace Gourmet, our eco-responsible commitments are also reflected in our work habits. We compost and recycle as much as possible, and reuse our packaging as much as possible.

Reusable coffee cups and containers

To take our eco-responsible commitments a step further, we also invite our customers to bring their own coffee cups and/or reusable containers for lunch. It is a habit that more and more customers are adopting.

Eco-responsible commitments at the florist side

At the florist side, our eco-responsible commitments are just as assiduous, and we do our utmost for a greener planet.

Local flowers and eco-responsible producers

Whenever possible and the season permits, we feature local flowers in our bouquets. For the rest of the year, we make sure to buy from eco-responsible growers. To find out more, read our article on fair trade flowers.

Wrapping paper for bouquets of flowers

At À la Boîte à Fleurs, when you buy a bouquet of flowers, if weather permitting (no rain, for example), you can ask for your bouquet to be wrapped in recyclable kraft paper. Unlike our cello paper packaging, this is perfectly recyclable. And don't worry, the result is just as pretty!

Bouquet de fleurs Emballage écot-responsable

Composting, recycling and reuse

At the florist, we compost the stems and leaves of the hundreds of flowers and greenery we receive each week. We recycle their original packaging and reuse the boxes of the merchandise we receive.

Reusing water tubes

When you receive or treat yourself with a bouquet of flowers, in most cases plastic water tubes with rubber tips are inserted at the end of the flower stems. Would you like to contribute to our eco-responsible commitment? Bring them back to the store when you pass by. You will be helping us take care of the environment.

Our eco-responsible gift boxes

Over the last few years, we have become THE reference for gift baskets in Quebec. Thousands of gift boxes are mailed to your loved ones every year. To further our commitment to eco-responsibility, we have thought of everything. Our gift boxes are printed in Quebec and recyclable.

Boîte cadeau éco-responsable

Eco-responsible commitments: every gesture counts

At À la Boîte à Fleurs, we have made it our mission to develop our eco-responsible commitments as far as possible. From the gourmet to the florist, we don't hesitate to develop eco-friendly habits, because every gesture counts. And you, are you more tempted to encourage greener companies in your consumption habits?

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