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Fair trade flowers

Des fleurs équitables

Fair trade flowers, to learn a little more about!

As with everything we consume, the fair trade flower industry is attracting more and more interest from producers, florists and consumers alike. It is important to question the environmental impacts of the flower trade. But what is it really?

To be considered fair trade, a flower production must be strictly verified by independent professionals and meet specific criteria that meet established social and environmental standards. Here are some of the different elements taken into consideration in order to obtain the eco-responsible seal.

In the management of their business, Fair Trade flower producers must demonstrate a concern for the environmental impacts of their farm. Thus, among criterias taken into account, we find the evaluation of their use of pesticides, the protection of water (impacts on the water table), the management of their waste and the protection of surrounding ecosystems.

The working conditions of employees are also rigorously analyzed at fair trade flower growers. Attention is paid to job security, adherence to regular and overtime work hours, and the non-use of child labor. Every detail counts.

Finally, to be certified as eco-responsible, a fair trade flower grower must demonstrate social responsibility to its employees, including childcare and medical support.

At À la Boîte à Fleurs, like other reputable florists, we choose growers that meet eco-responsible standards as much as possible, while maintaining a high quality of flowers. 90% dhe flowers in the store are environmentally friendly, although the label is not always visible. We encourage our local growers. For flowers purchased outside the country, we choose environmentally friendly growers. For example, all of our roses come exclusively from the renowned Rosaprima farm located in Ecuador. Having acquired its important international reputation by the quality of its certified organic roses, the flowers are cultivated at high altitudes in the Andes, taking the greatest possible care of the environment and minimizing environmental impacts. It is also constantly concerned with the well-being of its employees. Everything we like! As one of my suppliers Marilyne from Fleurametz explained to me, Rosaprima is certified by both Rainforest Alliance and Basc (which is an international program) and by Flor Ecuador (which is a socio-environmental program of Ecuadorian producers) (you can see the logos below).

Also at the store, most of our flowers from Ecuador are also certified by Flor Ecuador. Finally, the vast majority of the other farms we work with are certified by Rainforest Alliance and Basc. We can therefore assure you that we are concerned with offering you fair trade flowers, without neglecting a high standard of quality.

When it comes to fair trade flowers and eco-responsible business, every detail of the equation counts. At At the Box at Flowers, we make conscious choices. Now that you know a little more about the subject, don't hesitate; it's your turn to ask the right questions the next time you buy flowers!

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