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How to keep your sunflowers long enough to enjoy your bouquet for days

Comment conserver ses tournesols longtemps pour profiter de leur éclat durant des jours

Sunflowers, with their sunny color and majestic beauty, instantly bring a warm ambience to any space. To enjoy these splendid flowers for an extended period, it is essential to know the best practices for preserving them. In this article, we will present some simple tips for extending the life of your sunflowers, so you can enjoy their dazzling radiance for many days to come.

Selecting sunflowers

When buying sunflowers, choose flowers with firm petals and a vibrant appearance. Leave out sunflowers with wilted or faded petals, as they are less likely to last long in a bouquet.

There is nothing to stop you from combining sunflowers with other flowers such as daisies and greenery. You will have a well-stocked bouquet with a completely summery look! For tips on how to create the most beautiful bouquet, see our blog article on the subject.

Cutting the stems

Just after buying or picking, take the time to cut sunflower stems at an angle using a sharp knife or pruning shears. Cutting at an angle encourages better water absorption, so the sunflowers stay fresh longer, whereas if the stems are cut flat, they will be pressed completely into the bottom of the vase, making it harder for them to drink.

Sunflowers' heads are rather heavy. We therefore suggest you to place them in a tall vase and/or cut the stems shorter.

The leaves

Before placing the sunflowers in a vase, carefully remove any lower leaves below the water line. These leaves can decompose in the water, making the environment conducive to bacterial growth and reducing the lifespan of the sunflowers.

Changing the water is extremely important

To keep your sunflowers fresh and bright, change the water in the vase every two days. Before refilling the vase, rinse it thoroughly to remove any residue or bacteria that may have accumulated.

Choosing a location for your sunflower bouquet

Place your vase of sunflowers in a cool spot, away from direct sunlight and draughts. Excessive heat can cause flowers to wilt more quickly, while drafts can dry them out. Neither is desirable.

Once the petals have fallen

Is your sunflower bouquet losing its petals? No problem, keep the hearts! They will look just as pretty in your vase, and you will be able to enjoy the pleasure of a bouquet of flowers in your home for even longer!

Local sunflowers please

Local sunflowers are available from the beginning of August. In September, sunflowers in Quebec fields are at their peak. Whether you buy them directly from your florist or in the surrounding fields where picking is permitted, say yes to local sunflowers!


With their luminous petals and positive symbolism, sunflowers are a real treat for the eyes and the soul. By following these simple tips for keeping your sunflowers long-lasting, you will be able to enjoy their radiance and beauty for days to come. These majestic flowers will bring a sunny touch to your home and brighten up your everyday life, reminding you of the splendor of summer, even as the days grow shorter. So treat yourself to the enduring beauty of sunflowers, and let their radiance delight you day after day!

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