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Centerpieces: tips & tricks for a stress-free holiday season

Centre de table : trucs & astuces pour un temps des fêtes sans stress

I love the magic of the holidays! However... The holidays haven't even started yet and already, let's be honest, we're thinking about all the things we'll have to accomplish and we're wondering how we're going to get there! There's work, obligations, kids, home & table decor, activities, parties & receptions, teacher gifts, hostess gifts...! So here it is: this year, I've gathered all my tips & tricks for a stress-free holiday season! In this blog, I'll give you some ideas on how to create a festive table setting at a low cost. And in the next few days, I will share with you my sensational finds for a teacher's gift between 10$ and 20$ and a hostess gift between 20$ and 30$.


The thing to keep in mind when thinking about table decoration is that with a very small budget and strategic choices, you can really make a centerpiece worthy of the biggest receptions.


First of all, a colorful tablecloth is the starting point. It doesn't matter if it's red, green or silver.


Most of the time, I use disposable napkins. There are so many beautiful print designs! We choose matching napkins and place them at each guest's place setting. You can even alternate two (2) matching napkin designs for more colors. Often, they are my starting point and become my color theme and inspiration for the rest of my decorating.


You can simply lay the tree flat on the table. Between the branches, we use candles that we have at home for the most beautiful luminosity. To this, we add wooden stars, snowflakes, and even a few Christmas ornaments. These little details definitely add an extra "wow" factor to our decor.


It is also possible to use only few flowers of holiday colors (white and red, purchased individually from your florist) that you place in small pots, vases or glasses, and add a little bit of Christmas tree to each one. We can arrange them all together in the center of the table or, if our table is long because we have several guests, we place the flowers in a few places on the table, at regular intervals. In fact, for the vases, we rummage around in the cupboards at home and get what we can find. I had already mentioned in a previous article that adding a colored ribbon can sometimes give a very different style to a recovered vase.


We place a table runner on our table and with only a few red or white flowers gathered (depending on the color of our tablecloth and runner) and a bit of fir, we create a pretty bouquet that will serve as a centerpiece. It's simple, inexpensive and the result is spectacular!


To decorate your table and make it even more festive, if you don't have time to buy some specifically for your table, use accessories that you put in your tree, for example, at dinner time : stars, snowflakes, little soldiers or other figurines, etc. No one will notice the difference and you will have a magical centerpiece!

What I really like is to use a small cedar branch (do not use any other kind of conifer because the resin will stain the tablecloth) to put it under the utensils or on the plate.

Set up your table the day before.... Buy your decorations in advance and reserve your flowers at your florist. However, pick them up at the last minute so that they are as fresh as possible so that you can enjoy them as long as possible.

Not creative or don't have the time? Order your centerpiece in advance from your florist!
Plus, the same centerpiece can easily be reused more than once!

The important thing to remember is that it is possible to create a really pretty and festive table decoration at a low cost!
For other favorites or more little secrets, come see us at the boutique and chat with our team! We'll be happy to help you discover little tricks that will allow you to entertain without stress, but with beauty!

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