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Wedding and reception centerpieces (part 2 of 2)

Centres de table mariage et réception (deuxième partie de 2)

This is our second article on centerpieces for your wedding or reception. Previously, we covered the steps to follow when planning your event, important points to consider and ordering deadlines. In this second article, we will take a look at the flowers to choose for your centerpieces, how to respect the seasons, and a few final points to keep in mind.


As mentioned in the previous article on the subject, it is not compulsory to opt for standard centerpieces for your wedding or reception. They can just as easily be garlands of greenery and floating candles in glass vases. Also, consider the possibility of decorating an arch, mantelpiece, cake table or easel to display the table plan for guests.

When choosing flowers for your centerpieces, one thing is certain: all styles are valid and have the right to be realized. Yes, there are trends every year. Yes, there are trends here in Quebec and elsewhere in the world. But if you want your wedding or reception to be YOUR fairy tale, it is super important to discuss it with your florist and make choices that suit you.


With the help of your florist and his or her expertise, you can ensure that the flowers you choose are well suited to the season. When planning centerpieces, what is often established from the outset is to determine the color tones you prefer and want for your wedding or reception, and build your decoration around this. For a summer event, we suggest opting for bright, vibrant flowers (pink, lime green, lilac, pale yellow, etc.) and adding natural elements such as green foliage or fruit for a summery feel. For a winter event, we often prefer more intense tones (burgundy, burnt orange, fuchsia, etc.) to which you can add fir branches, berries and sparkling elements to create a magical winter atmosphere.

That said, we usually work with flowers such as roses, lisianthus, hydrangeas, carnations, ranunculus and chrysanthemums, and foliage such as caspia, statice, gypsophila and eucalyptus branches.


Think about the contrast and coordination between your wedding or reception centerpieces and the rest of the room decor. Make sure that colors, textures and decorative elements harmonize to create a coherent, aesthetically pleasing ambiance.

Discussing the height of centerpieces with your florist is a crucial aspect to consider. Make sure they are neither too high nor too low, so that guests can easily interact and see each other around the table.

If you are concerned about the environment, choose local, seasonal and sustainably grown flowers. Also opt for recyclable or reusable vases. You might even consider potted plants that guests can take home with them at the end of the event. Here again, your florist will be able to help you with the right suggestions.

Think lighting
 Lighting plays an essential role in enhancing centerpieces. Choose candles, LED lights, string lights or lanterns to create a warm, romantic atmosphere.

There's always the option of " Do it yourself" or DIY.

Yes, it's entirely possible. If you prefer, your florist can sell you flowers in bulk. However, take the time to discuss with him or her everything that' s involved : the time needed to make the centerpieces (which must be done at least the day before the event), the time it takes to make them, the transport to keep everything in place, the team to set them up at the venue, etc. The work involved is immense! The work involved is immense! You need to be aware of the workload that awaits you.

Need centerpieces for your wedding or reception? Fill out our quote request form today! Take a look at our portfolio for inspiration!


On the day of your wedding or reception, centerpieces play an essential role in the overall decor and will be what gives your event that "wow" factor from the very first glance. When you call on your designer florist to help you make the right choices to achieve that magnificent end result, you'll have the wedding or reception of your dreams! Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have! It will be our pleasure to suggest unforgettable floral ideas that will exceed your expectations!

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