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Celebrating motherhood : gift ideas to accompany mother, father and baby

Célébrer la maternité : des idées de cadeaux pour accompagner maman, papa et bébé

Motherhood is a magical, life-changing time that deserves to be celebrated every step of the way. Whether it is to mark the announcement of the pregnancy, encourage the mother-to-be during the pregnancy, support the feverish father or welcome the newborn, giving gifts filled with sweetness is an exceptional gesture to show your love and support. At À la Boîte à Fleurs, we present maternity gift ideas that will delight mom, dad and baby at every stage of this extraordinary journey.


Celebrating the announcement of pregnancy

Whether a couple's pregnancy is planned and desired, or a matter of chance, the fact remains that the imminent arrival of a baby is a milestone in the lives of parents-to-be. An event that deserves to be celebrated. At this first stage, it is fitting to offer a symbolic gift a bouquet of flowers, a cute first item of clothing or an accessory for the baby, a soft cuddly toy, products for the baby's delicate skin, and so on.

Celebrating the new baby : thinking inclusively

Traditionally, we tended to focus our attention almost exclusively on the mother. These days, however, let's think inclusively and celebrate the new arrival of a little loved one in a holistic way :

  • A woman in a homosexual or heterosexual relationship who announces her pregnancy
  • A single woman choosing to become a mother
  • A single person (woman or man) or a couple considering adoption

Celebrate motherhood with a symbolic gift

To offer a symbolic gift of unparalleled beauty, you have a number of options. At the boutique, we offer you :

Preserved roses

Our arrangements of preserved roses beautifully designed for parents-to-be, combine the timeless beauty of the rose with a delicate touch to create a memorable gift.

The tree of enchantment

The Tree of Enchantment is a unique heated glass creation that will create that timeless reminder of motherhood, for mom, dad and baby. Find the one that suits you best by browsing the Kitras models available in our online boutique.

Our symbolic gifts will capture the sweetness of the moment and serve as a constant reminder of the love that blooms throughout pregnancy. Delivery available anywhere in Canada.

Celebrating motherhood : the importance of giving gifts at different times

For moms, dads and babies-to-be, the milestone of maternity is associated with all kinds of emotions. There can be joy, surprise, anticipation, doubts, worries and excitement. Some mothers also have more difficult pregnancies that require more care. These emotions don't arrive in the same order for everyone. Be attentive to the emotions experienced by future parents and express your support by offering them gifts at different moments in the maternity process. A simple, personalized thought that will be received as an immense balm of comfort and help!

Celebrating birth

The arrival of a little bundle of joy is such an important moment for parents! Discover our birth gifts that are soft, original, practical and tender. You will find delicate products for baby's delicate skin, cozy accessories, comforting cushions, reassuring comforters, round balloons, pacifier clips, plush toys, comfortable clothing and sweet treats for parents. Also available across Canada, our gift boxes are designed so you can reach your little family wherever they are in the country.

In summary, motherhood is something that should be celebrating every step of the way. Our carefully selected gifts are designed to capture the magic of these unique moments. Explore our wide range of flowers and products, and give the gift of love that grows with every heartbeat.

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