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Christmas gifts for employees

Cadeaux de Noël pour employés

Giving Christmas gifts to your employees is a simple gesture that has a huge positive impact on their sense of belonging to your company, their work performance and their involvement in their daily lives.



At À la Boîte à Fleurs, we offer gift baskets for your employees for a Christmas full of recognition. Thank your employees, those people who are the stars of your company, those who accomplish a phenomenal work throughout the year to make the company shine and grow. Their investment deserves to be recognized, don't you think?


Let them live the Fleurs & Saveurs experience by offering them a Christmas gift box that you will have selected with a member of our team. What we offer to you, dear entrepreneurs, is a turnkey Christmas gift experience for employees, original, distinguished and presented with the greatest care, while respecting your budget and your company's brand image.

At the boutique, we are a showcase for Quebec artisans, creators and entrepreneurs. In order to join the #buylocal movement, to make a difference and to encourage the local economy, the products with which our gift baskets are made are mostly local products. Encouraging local purchasing and offering arrangements that add value and generate a "wow 🤩 ", this is our mission! You can check out a list of these businesses right here.


The benefits of choosing À la BoÎte à Fleurs are many :

  • The diversity of products offered
  • Creativity and high quality products presented in carefully designed packaging
  • The pleasure of having your employees discover products from different local entrepreneurs in the same gift box
  • A personalized sersonalized customer service and a team that knows how to advise you wisely
  • A turnkey surnkey service for wrapping and sending Christmas gifts to your employees
  • The creation of gift baskets according to the number of gifts desired
  • The ldelivery anywhere in Canada when required
  • Simple, fast and efficient ordering by email, phone or online. You can also use the corporate gift order submission form

I know, I can hear you telling me that it seems a little early to be shopping for Christmas gifts for your employees. I assure you it is not! It's actually a great time to think about it.

Because we work with small, local businesses, the volume of products is smaller, which means that quantities are limited. Choices are getting smaller and smaller as Christmas approaches. Let's not get caught at the last minute and shop now.

Because I live it with my team, I can assure you that as an entrepreneur, investing in gifts for our employees at Christmas (and a few other times during the year or on special occasions) is more than satisfying : what we give comes back to us a hundredfold. It's definitely part of the key to success!

Live the Fleurs & Saveurs experience!

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