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Gift for a teacher

Cadeau pour professeur

It's the time of year we like to give our child's teacher a gift before the vacations to thank them for all the hard work and guidance during the first part of the school year. In the hustle and bustle of our (overly busy!) schedule, we also don't want to run around to a lot of stores to find THE perfect teacher gift at a reasonable price. In the spirit of a stress-free holiday season, here are some gift ideas* for teachers between $10 and $20 that you can get at the store.

Lucia "Douglas Fir" Soap: the scent of pure white soap with the aroma of wild pine needles, sap and green buds brings back sweet memories of childhood in the heart of the great outdoors and forests. Thanks to its fine, creamy paste enriched with Shea butter, it gently cleanses and refreshes the skin. (12,99$)

Mix of dark and milk chocolate truffles with a rich and creamy taste and a cocoa bean in each bite. Contains three (3) truffles of each kind ($15.99)

For an illuminated Christmas decor, set of three (3) frosted glass & white flake candle holders ($18.00)

For a glamorous look, hair elastic from NOMAAD on which the clip is interchangeable, allowing you to vary the style depending on the outfit worn. (Elastic $6.99 and clip $4.99 ea)

A trendy glass bottle with a built-in LED light string that can be used as a centerpiece or simply placed on a shelf. Available in smoked red or green ($14.99)

A limited edition sparkling spread from Wildly Delicious. With edible glitter inside, give your toast, waffles or pastries a festive look! (10,99$)

Duo of mustards from Au Pied de Cochon. Includes a Dijon mustard with maple butter and a smoked maple mustard, for recipes that will make your taste buds salivate. ($7.99 ea. or $15.98 duo)

Dairy-free, gluten-free and all natural (and completely delicious!), alcohol-flavored SugarSin candies. What else can I say? Yummy! (14,99$ ea)

Comfort box including a mix of hot chocolate, cookies and marshmallows (all for 2 people), for afternoons in the comfort of your home. (13,95$)

For a gourmet snack, a small box of sunflower seeds and almonds covered in red, green and gold chocolate (11,99$)

Perfect for salads, cocktails, fish & shellfish, desserts, etc., bright pearls from the Italian company Terra Del Tuono. For original flavor! ($17.99 ea)

Rich, creamy and totally decadent, this fruit & nut cake is made according to the traditional recipe. (16,99$)

***THIS YEAR'S TRENDY GIFT*** Original, grating ball of real balsamic vinegar adds flavor to pasta dishes, risottos, appetizers and fish. Its sweet and sour taste is a perfect match for foods. (16,99$)

Picked from the tree when fully ripe, dried and then slowly cooked in its own juice, this fig ball is wrapped in a fig leaf to allow it to retain its full flavor. Perfect for cheese platters.... and to impress your guests! (19,99$)

Tabletop vacuum cleaner perfect for bread crumbs, dust, ashes and any other dry product. Easy to use, empty and clean. Requires two (2) AA batteries not included ($12.99)

As you can see, it is easy to find an original, interesting and inexpensive gift for teachers! Everything we love! You will be able to express your gratitude to this significant adult in your child's life. And like I said, we've reached our goal of a stress-free holiday season! But hurry, quantities are limited!

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* All prices listed in this blog do not include taxes and are subject to change without notice. Subject to availability in store.

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