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Hostess gift

Cadeau d’hôtesse

The final touch for our stress-free holiday season : the hostess gift! Between Christmas and New Year's Day, invitations are numerous. Any occasion is a good opportunity to get together with loved ones and share a good meal. That said, when you receive an invitation, you don't want to arrive empty-handed. That's why in this third and final blog "A Stress-Free Christmas" I'm offering you ideas for a different, original hostess gift, at affordable costs (between $20 and $30) and that we would all like to receive!

Available in a variety of colors and arrangements, the preserved rose. Discover the splendor of this natural rose rehydrated by a liquid preservative that keeps the natural look of a fresh rose for up to 3 years! ($30)

Elegant BERGER glass cube enhanced by a ring and its bouquet of sprigs that guarantee optimal fragrance diffusion. We like its contemporary design. Various fragrances available. (25,95$)

Box of English cranberry cookies made according to the traditional recipe. For snacks at any time of the day. (22,95$)

Festive mini centerpiece created from fir trees, sprinkled with artificial snow and a Christmas ball, placed on a glass cube vase ($29.50)

With its exclusive freshness and aroma, this olive oil from Hacienda Guzmán is produced according to the most sustainable method and in full respect of the environment. Choose between one with a lingering intensity that allows you to appreciate the full flavor of the manzanilla olive, or another balanced between bitterness and spiciness with an almond and fresh wood flavor. ($29.99 ea.)

Trio of jams and jellies or compotes from the Quebec company Simon Turcotte Confiturier. Known for the high quality of the ingredients used, the entrepreneur offers to spice up our gustatory happiness. Packed with fruit, Trio Petit Déjeuner Gourmet jams and jellies are the ideal partner for our toasts, croissants and yogurt, while Trio Les Secrets de Cuisine jellies and compotes will awaken your creativity, accompany your culinary flights of fancy and bring refinement to your menus. ($29.99 ea.)

For moments of relaxation, the Camellia Sinensis tea tasting set. Includes four (4) teas with unique character, carefully selected by the tasting team. Includes preparation instructions and an aroma wheel illustrating the taste profile for each tea. In the photo, the open box is the " TONIC " collection and the closed box is the " CAFFEINE FREE" collection. (27.99 ea.)

From Wildly Delicious, bread dip & tapenade. Ideal for aperitifs or afternoon snacks. The tapenade is a spread that is perfect on a bread crouton, a biscuit or a Crostolini (Tapenade $11.99, Bread Dip $14.99. Decoration not included)

We love the ease of use of the accessories in the RICARDO collection. Here you will find a flexible silicone chocolate mold to create twenty-five (25) small chocolates (can also be used for cake or candy bites) as well as reversible Christmas cookie cutters (3 pieces). (Chocolate mold 9,99$, cookie cutters 12,99$. Decoration not included)

For a change from the traditional bread basket that we usually put on the table, here is the beautiful bread bag from the collection L'Art de la Table by RICARDO. Thanks to its microwaveable bag of dried peas, it keeps the bread warm. (RICARDO Bread Bag $16.99, Jam $10.99. Decoration not included)

I'm sure you'll agree that these hostess gift ideas are really interesting... and we'd like to keep them for ourselves! If I may say so, don't necessarily wait until the last minute to make your purchases. Think about it as soon as the invitation has been extended to you. And if you can't make it to the store, don't hesitate to use our delivery service. Just call the boutique and we'll deliver the hostess gift for you, on the day you want, to the address you've given. And the goal will be reached: a stress-free holiday season!

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