Gift Iced Coffee With Ricardo Deluxe

# PAN084

Gift Iced Coffee With Ricardo Deluxe

# PAN084

Gift Iced Coffee With Ricardo Deluxe



A perfect gift for the summer season with everything you need for a refreshing iced coffee! And everything is 100% local, we love it!

This gift first of all includes an ice coffee maker from Ricardo’s collection. This coffee maker made in glass uses a hot or cold brewing process that results in coffees without bitterness. Its hermetic cover receives the detachable stainless steel filter. It has a silicone seal that locks in flavor and keeps coffee out of refrigerator odors.

This gift also includes a new product available at L’Espace Gourmet, the tasty flavored coffee from Absolument Boutique. This is a coffee freshly roasted by a Quebec roaster and coarsely ground to allow a perfect infusion.

For your greatest happiness, you will also find in this gift fine chocolate bites from Fays Terroir Chocolaté and festive napkins.

Finally, for an ultimate beauty and happiness, a bouquet of flowers composed of roses, gerberas, anastasia, eucalyptus branches, thlaspi & foliage arranged with care.

These products & this bouquet of flowers are placed in a reusable tray which will then be the perfect asset as a decoration for the summer season!

When we told you that this is the perfect gift, do you agree?!


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